My name is Gurkirat Singh (you can call me Guru). I am a Traveler, Professional Hiker and Outdoor Leader. One year ago, I quit my job to travel and never looked behind. 

Welcome to my travel blog! Join me in this adventure as I share interesting stories, travel tips and beautiful images with you from around the world.

Meet Guru!
Meet Guru!

My Story

My first travel experience was a bike trip to the skiing destination Auli (Uttarakhand) in February 2016. Flash forward two years, I quit my job to pursue my passion to travel. Currently, I am working as an Outdoor Leader with India's largest trekking community. My work involves leading people in the most gorgeous mountain slopes of The Himalayas. I get to experience the culture and warmth of remote Himalayan villages, where the main source of income is animal powered agriculture.

Before getting into this nomadic lifestyle, I was working as a process engineer in health care sector in Delhi, India. Soon, I realized that this is not the life that I want to live. So I decided to quit my 'stable' job to follow my dreams. I traded the comfort and luxury of home with the memories on road. The journey so far has been a great learning experience.

What is Grand Miles Away?

When I was a child, I had this dream of traveling to faraway places. I used to say "I am going to travel to those countries which are thousand miles away". That's how the name 'Grand Miles Away' was born. Grand is an informal synonym for thousand and it sounds more cool! By the way, New Zealand is my dream destination which is Seven Grand Miles away from my home.

Why Travel?

To me, travel means freedom. Travel is not a hobby, it's a way of life for me. Travel does not mean going to an exotic beach or staying in a luxurious resort. Its about experiencing new cultures, trying new foods and discovering unseen places.

Travel has simplified my life. Having been traveling regularly from last three years, I have grown to be more confident, humble and grateful towards life. I have learned to collect experiences instead of materialistic possessions. Everyday, I meet new people and their stories have broadened my perspective towards life.

Through this Blog, I am trying to inspire the traveler in you and share some useful tips to help you plan your next journey.

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